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Intuitive, simple, enjoyable 

Who said learning to play the piano had to be boring? Not here! Lydia uses a method that focuses on playing the piano first. Students have success from the start by focusing on one process at a time. Gifted Ear Music Studio encourages self-expression through teaching students musical composition and improvisation at the piano.

Just what I was looking for. A non-conventional approach with lots of flexibility.  I would highly recommend! Lydia Keeney

- Bill

100% Online Lessons

Flexible, personal, one-on-one lessons within the comfort of your home... Learning the piano has never been easier or more fun!

Lessons for Adults

If you are in search of piano lessons for adults — for yourself or for a friend, you've come to the right place.

Always wanted to learn? Don't listen to that voice in your head telling you it's too late. Frankly, it's not. With a teaching method designed for adults, you'll pick up the piano quickly and intuitively!

Tried learning before? Learning how to read music notes, rhythm, & learning the notes on the piano is quite difficult to do all at the same time. This is the approach that traditional teachers take, the progress is slow.  To make the learning process easier and more successful, I do things a little differently. I break things down and teach students how to play the piano first before moving on to learning how to read music, allowing for one new thought process at a time! 

Lessons for Children

I have over 10-years of experience teaching children piano. 

My approach is perfect for kids as they start learning how to play real music from the very first lesson. By focusing on playing first, and introducing concepts with-in each song, kids have fun! 

Group Lessons

If you and a friend or family member, or maybe your kids, would like to learn piano together, group lessons can be an excellent way to introduce the piano. This option is currently unavailable through virtual lessons.

Improvisation or the Blues?

You don't have to pick just one area to focus on. We'll focus on learning to play what matters to you - from improvisation, composition, blues, to music theory.


Lydia Keeney,

Owner, Gifted Ear Music Studio

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