Intuitive, simple, enjoyable 

Who said learning to play the piano had to be boring? Not here! Gifted Ear Music Teachers use a method that focuses on playing the piano first. Students have success from the start by focusing on one process at a time. Gifted Ear Music Teachers encourage self-expression through teaching students musical composition and improvisation at the piano.

Private Piano Lessons

Come in for a thirty-minute one-on-one piano lesson. All ages welcome! Within months you will learn to play a wide range of styles including blues, classical, pop and accompaniment piano songs We encourage parents or guardians to sit in too!

Group lessons will have anywhere between 2-6 students attending. The teaching method that Gifted Ear Piano Studio offers is efficiently taught in a group setting. There are many advantages of group lessons: public performance experience, multi-perspective, and lots of questions. This lesson style is perfect for multiple kids, carpools, or child-parent lessons!

Remote piano lessons are taught over skype. This is a perfect option for those who are not able to come into the studio due to either at-home commitments or distance.

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