Adult Piano Lessons 

If you are in search of piano lessons for adults — for yourself or for a friend, you've come to the right place.

Always wanted to learn? Don't listen to that voice in your head telling you it's too late. Frankly, it's not. With a teaching method designed for adults, you'll pick up the piano quickly and intuitively!

Tried learning before? Learning how to read music notes, rhythm, & learning the notes on the piano is quite difficult to do all at the same time. This is the approach that traditional teachers take, the progress is slow.  To make the learning process easier and more successful, I do things a little differently. I break things down and teach students how to play the piano first before moving on to learning how to read music, allowing for one new thought process at a time! This way of learning to play the piano is very successful time and time again! 

Call or email me today to set up a $10 intro session! 


WHAT Adult

Students SAY

Lydia is a great teacher.  She is passionate about teaching about the piano and truly believes in the Simply Music system of teaching. After just a few lessons I can play at least 3 songs and am gaining confidence in my ability.

— Kathy

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