Lydia Keeney

Piano Instructor

Teaches Remote Lessons

Our Promise

Learning the piano is a rewarding experience, and we promise to make it intuitive and engaging!



Andy Chang

Piano Instructor

Cary NC + Remote

About Us

Gifted Ear Music Teachers firmly believe that every human being is musical.


Without even realizing it, music is an essential part of our daily life – from the way we use rhythm and melody when we speak, to the rhythmic way we walk. Gifted Ear Music teachers use those intrinsic musical abilities and translate them into playing the piano. The goal as your piano teacher is to establish the piano as your lifetime companion.


Gifted Ear Music Studio teachers use a playing based approach. Each student will have the option of learning how to play the piano before introducing learning how to read music. If you previously have had piano lessons but did not continue because you felt like you just didn't have a natural talent, I assure you we can disprove that belief.


Learning the piano is a rewarding experience, and we promise to make it intuitive and engaging!


Hope to see you soon!

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