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Doors open in September

Comp & Improv Group Program for Teens & Adults Coming in October...

Lydia Keeney

Asuncion, PY

Asuncion Piano School

Remote piano lessons

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healing piano lessons


Hi! I'm Lydia...

I would love to take you on a journey to knowing yourself more deeply through the keys of the piano.

Along this journey, you are going to gain more confidence, clarity, and self-expression which will allow you to show up more authentically in the world.

Group Comp & Improv Program
*Coming October 1st,

Are you interested in learning how to compose and improvise your very own music while making friends at the same time? This musical program was created to be completely remote, lessons will be held through Zoom and video recaps will be shared weekly.

Doors open in September, stay tuned!

Just for you

Learning to play the piano is meant to be fun and rewarding. By focusing on helping individuals play by ear first, and then by note, my students find learning the piano engaging and rewarding… Something traditional programs can’t match.

When you learn at the Gifted Ear Music Studio, you don’t just learn how to play a few songs, you learn how to create music!

I can't wait to get started!

- Lydia, Teacher & Owner


Lydia is amazing with both kids and adults. Our three seven-year-olds started playing with both hands during the second group lesson. Considering these kids prefer bouncing off the walls and each other, it shows how dedicated, creative and patient Lydia is. While having the kids practice, I picked up the piano as well. Somehow Lydia found the time to hear me play too. While smiling through all of our shenanigans - Les

Lesson Structure

Every student is uniquely motivated, so each lesson plan is built around your experience and goals. 

From teenagers to adults, beginners to experienced players - we'll focus on learning to play what matters to you.

Contact Lydia

Message me to schedule an intro session, or ask a question!

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Helping Out

Thank you for supporting me! The money you donate will be used to reach out to more people and provide as many people as possible with a way to get musically educated.

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